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On file: March 1-8, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between March 1 and 8:

David Lee Arthur, 42, and Brenda Ellen Postlewaite, 28, both of Hansford.

William Fredrick Carpenter, 68, and Nancy Jean Pauley, 64, both of Charleston.

Larry Earl McCallister, 40, and Sharlene Renee Reed, 48, both of Charleston.

Michael Ray Haston, 31, and Ashley Jordan Rennie, 27, both of Charleston.

Adam Christopher Cheshire, 30, of Charleston and Jacqueline Rae Boyce, 22, of Kenna.

James Edward Shaw Jr., 29, and Heather Nichole Bass, 33, both of Charleston.

John Silas Fridley, 33, of St. Albans and Kassandra Dawn Stewart, 24, of Charleston.

James St. Clair Lewis, 49, and Corinne Denise Vanover, 51, both of Charleston.

Nicholas David Hanshaw, 27, and Elizabeth Jane Yano, 25, both of Charleston.

Michael Aaron King, 28, and Marissa Dawn Hibbs, 23, both of Sissonville.

Brandon Scott Justice, 25, of Sissonville and Jacqueline Renea Spence, 24, of Charleston.

Charles Sullivan McCoy, 51, and Leora Marlene Pritt, 48, both of St. Albans.

Johnathan Paul Heim, 26, and Emily Danielle Young, 26, both of Charleston.

Adam William Proctor, 35, and Mindy Jo Withrow, 34, both of Charleston.

Christopher Lee Knoblauch, 42, and Cindy Lou Geyer, 38, both of Charleston.

Jonathan Mark Bias, 55, and Nancy Annette Kelly, 52, both of Charleston.

William Thomas Harris III, 23, and Whitney Racquel Salcedo, 25, both of Charleston.

Pete Allen Laton, 36, and Misty Angelohn Emery, 24, both of Nitro.

John Adam Rose, 38, and Kristen Nicole Darby, 32, both of Eskdale.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Feb. 28 and March 7:

David H. Fitzpatrick from Sandra R. Fitzpatrick

Crystal O'Neal from Derek O'Neal

D'Anna Young from James Young

Christi Martin from George M. Martin Jr.

Charles Cook from Crystal Cook

Marcus Warner from Amber Blackshire

Brittany G. Compton from Christopher D. Compton

Kimberly Lewis from Bobby Lewis

Jennifer Lea Stollings-Parr from Christopher J. Parr

Michelle Ann Stewart from Christopher Reed Stewart

Thomas Smith from Mallory Smith

Della Young from William D. Young

Barbara Kelly from David Kelly

Michael A. Auber from Crystal Auber

Carrie H. Lefevre from Lawrence B. Lefevre

Corey D. Williams from Yolonda R. Tabor

Amy Wiltholm from Christopher Wiltholm

Nicole G. Thomas from Mark Allan Coleman

Ashley Hoover from Eric Hoover

Lisa Fowler-Rublatius from Bradley James Rublatius

Danielle Nichole Snyder from Donald Edward Snyder

Melissa Briscoe from James Briscoe

Jeffrey W. Pring from Jacqueline D. Pring

Elmer Leonard Wheatcraft Jr. from Sara Emma Wheatcraft

Annette Ziegler from Marando Ziegler

Roy Dean McKean from Mary Nicole Adkins

Betty Dawson from Jason Dawson

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between March 1 and 8:

Randy A. Cain II to Randy A. Cain II and Randy D. McCoy. Lot, Charleston, $57,500.

John F. Jr. and Elizabeth D. Nelson to Cory F. Stout. Lot, Charleston, $117,000.

AB Contracting to Robert S. and Margaret L. Kimball. Lot, Washington District, $275,235.55.

Adam J. and Gayla R. Lehotay to Charles H. and Carrie E. Hibner. Lot, Poca District, $235,000.

Harold E. and Jena Sturgill to Sean A. and Jo Lee Settle. Lot, Elk District, $185,000.

Mark E. and Deborah Ann Rollyson to Sarah B. Adkins. Lot, Union District, $125,000.

Norman R. Jr. and Beverly Brooks Steenstra to Gary Richard and Rae Anne Zuckett. Lots, Elk District, $125,000.

JET, LLC to TMH Services Inc. Lots, Jefferson District, $375,000.

Owen S. Higgins to Owen S. Higgins II. Lot, Dunbar District, $300,000.

Rick L. Adkins to Anita Dyer-Walker. Lot, Dunbar, $138,000.

John L. II and Dana R. Fox to Christopher A. and Bridget N. May. Lot, Charleston, $252,500.

Seven Players Club Drive LLC to Kanawha Valley Fine Jewelry and Loan, LLC. Lots, Loudon District, $300,000.

Richard A. Chaty to Stanley R. and Jan E. Johnson. Lot, Loudon District, $225,000.

William Sifonte to Eliza N. Williams. Lot, Charleston West District, $57,500.

James W. Lane Jr. to United Bank Inc. Lot, Charleston, $73,611.

James W. Lane Jr. to City National Bank. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $175,000.

John W. Britton to Financial Partners, LLC. Lots, Charleston, $112,000.

Roy A. Pfost to Alice A. Legg. Lot, South Charleston District, $108,000.

Scott A. Kirby to Terry Cogar. Lot, Jefferson District, $58,100.

Elemental Resources, LLC to Martin County Land Company. Lots, Blue Creek, $200,000.

Denver J. and Shirley G. McMillion to Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC. Lot, Poca District, $137,700.

Dale A. and Colleen K. Nichols to Deborah Mallett. Lot, Union District, $80,000.

Cecil Group, LLC to Kanawha Valley Self-Storage, LLC. Lot, South Charleston District, $300,000.

M.L.L., LLC to Leslie R. Casdorph. Lot, Washington District, $226,700.

Teays Valley Trustees, LLC to Citimortgage Inc. Lot, Elkview, $78,750.

Teays Valley Trustees, LLC to Bank of America, National Association. Lot, Charleston, $80,000.

Henry E. III and Kimberly S. Wood to William A. II and Beth R. Minear. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $230,000.

Rabel Development, LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $80,000.

Richard A. Pill to David D. Pill and Amanda E. Steiner to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. Lot, Charleston, $66,791.50.

Steven C. and Deanna L. Arnott to Charles T. and Angela R. Warner. Lot, Dunbar District, $130,000.

Pamela Dell Griffith to Amber J. Snyder. Lots, Elk District, $146,500.

Carl R. and Linda Jean Grubbs to Donna Sue Carney. Lot, Elk District, $70,000.

Robert T. and Lindsey Wagner to Jared and Jennifer Forman. Lot, Washington District, $275,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between March 1 and 8:

Donald Wayne and Michelle Ann Brooks, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $105,569, Liabilities: $123,253.

Joshua Lawrence and Beth Ann Shaffer, Clendenin, Chapter 7. Assets: $156,685, Liabilities: $115,112.

Mark Edward Snodgrass, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $36,201, Liabilities: $124,317.

James Benjamin and Courtney Dawn Scarbery, West Hamlin, Chapter 7. Assets: $109,695, Liabilities: $155,253.

Natalie Anne Miller, Stollings, Chapter 7. Assets: $90,223, Liabilities: $108,277.

Marc David and Carrie Leigh Golden, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,652, Liabilities: $241,794.

Stephanie Sue Myers, Clendenin, Chapter 7. Assets: $13,821, Liabilities: $41,992.

Gary Allen Layne, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $40,925, Liabilities: $84,174.

Danny Ray McClung, Rainelle, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,537, Liabilities: $68,881.

Stanley Douglas Raiford, Princeton, Chapter 7. Assets: $18,453, Liabilities: $262,195.

Willa Marie Shafer, Clintonville, Chapter 7. Assets: $130,971, Liabilities: $144,387.

 Linda Lee and Charles Wayne Barnett Jr., St. Albans, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Charles Bruce Perkins, Lewisburg, Chapter 13. Assets: $27,788, Liabilities: $96,209.

Heywood Garnett Smith, Dunbar, Chapter 13. Assets: $35,804, Liabilities: $71,706.

Neal Graham and Crystal Dawn Homer, Lewisburg, Chapter 13. Assets: $174,726, Liabilities: $297,686.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: 

Amy Jennifer Adkins, Charleston

Jeremy Shawn Adkins, South Charleston

Michael Dewayne Adkins, St. Albans

Steven Dee Adkins II, Charleston

Teresa Ann Adkins, St. Albans 

Robert Hampton Akers, South Charleston

Ervin Eugene Anderson, St. Albans

Marjorie Lynn Anderson, Hernshaw

Timothy Wayne Anderson, Hernshaw

Paul Dewayne Bailey, Charleston

Joe Frederick Ballard, South Charleston

Dale Willis Barnett, Sissonville

James Robert Baughman, Charleston

Noralie Maxine Baughman, Charleston

David Wayne Beane, Charleston

Charles Ray Bevel Jr., Clendenin

Cami Rose Birchfield, Charleston

Lois Jean Campbell-Blazie, Handley

Anne M. Bollinger, South Charleston

Patricia L. Bollinger, South Charleston

Byron T. Bowman, St. Albans

Thomas A. Boyd Jr., Charleston

Raymond Elwood Brammer Jr., St. Albans

Wade Allen Branham, Charleston

David Lee Brasseur II, Charleston

Karen Lynne Brooks, South Charleston

Darline Evonne Brown, Charleston

Michael Shane Burdette, Charleston

Billy Franklin Burton II, East Bank

Robert James Busse, Charleston

Courtney Marie Buskirk, Charleston

Franklin Christopher Buskirk, Charleston

Andrew David Byrd, South Charleston

Alyssa Marie Caldwell, South Charleston

Carl Francis Campbell, Charleston

Dolly May Campbell, Charleston

Patrick Aaron Campbell, Cross Lanes

Kevin Andrew Cantrell, Charleston

Stephanie Jo Cantrell, Charleston

Terry David Cantrell, Charleston

Deborah Kay Carte, South Charleston

Hobert Franklin Carter Jr., St. Albans

Thomas Michael Cleary, St. Albans

Barbara Ann Cooper, Charleston

Gary Eugene Cooper, Charleston

Joshua Levi Cooper, Winifrede

Ruth Ann Cooper, Winifrede

Timothy Manyale Courts, Rand

John Aubrey Courts, Rand

Helen Kay Cox, Belle

James Michael Cox, Belle

Bradley Alan Crouser, Charleston

Bunn Wilson Crum, Eskdale

Dale Robin Cummings, St. Albans

Priscilla Joyce Daniels, Cross Lanes

Gene A. Defabio, South Charleston

Lenora Frances Defabio, South Charleston

Wyatt Herbert Derr, St. Albans

John Aitken Dienst, Cross Lanes

Kimberly Sue Dotson, Charleston

Richard Lee Dotson, Charleston

Gary Wayne Duncan, Dunbar

Samuel John Dunn Jr., Nitro

Nora Elaine Dyer, South Charleston

Mary Lynn Evans, South Charleston

Richard Ray Fisher Jr., Sissonville

James D. Florkevich, Marmet

Mark M. Galloway, Nitro

Johnnie Adonis Gavin, Charleston

Joshua Ryan Gingerich, Charleston

Larry Edward Glassburn, Charleston

Diana Lynn Godby, Nitro

Cynthia Livingston Good, Charleston

Charles Howard Gray II, Charleston

Wanda F. Grey, Montgomery

William Kendall Grizzell, Charleston

Jeffrey Michael Hammack, Elkview

Kristin Lea Harper, Charleston

Randal Blake Harris, Charleston

Larry Odell Harrison, Charleston

Gloria G. Hassie, Hansford

Jeremiah David Hayes, Charleston

Daniel Ray Hensley, St. Albans

Timothy Michael Higgs, Charleston

Amy Elizabeth Higgs, Charleston

Kristina Rozella Hogan, Nitro

William Ray Holstein, Charleston

Michael Adam Horton, Charleston

Ricky Lee Hudson, Charleston

Ruth Patchell Hudson, Hernshaw

Kermit L. Hudson, Hernshaw

Timothy Edward Huffman, Charleston

Brenda B. Hughes, Dunbar

David Thomas Hunt, Dunbar

Todd Rayburn Jarrett, St. Albans

Linda Pennington Jernigan, Charleston

William Henry Jernigan Jr., Charleston

Jefferey Levi Johns, Charleston

Matthew E. Jones, South Charleston

Kenna Judy Jr., Charleston

Jeffrey N. Kennedy, Charleston

David Eugene Kersey, Marmet

Matthew Thomas Kessler, South Charleston

Gregory Scott King, Charleston

Jonathan Freeman Kirk, Alum Creek

Geraldine Frances Knight, Clendenin

Carolyn Sue Lanham, Charleston

Jesse Matthew Lanham Jr., Charleston

Michael Jay Lester, Charleston

Charles William Lewis, Charleston

Thomas Gene Light, Blount

Candice Brooke Lightner, Charleston

Matthew Allen Maddix, South Charleston

Richard Gabriel Mahan, Charleston

Matthew Blake Mantiply, Cross Lanes

Eric Paul Mantz, Charleston

John David Matheny, Charleston

Earl Wayne Mays, Charleston

Jerry Lee McClure, Elkview

George Marion McCormick, Charleston

Michael Scott Meadows, Clendenin

Cameron Keith Midkiff, Charleston

Patricia Diane Midkiff, Charleston

Gina Denise Miller, South Charleston

John Scott Miller, Charleston

Richard A. Miller Jr., St. Albans

Robert M. Miller, Charleston

Ronald Lee Miller, Elkview

Karen S. Mink, Gallagher

Stephanie R. Mink, Gallagher

Chad Alan Moles, Elkview

William Charles Moles, Dry Branch

Richard Thomas Mullins Sr., Elkview

Phillip D. Murphy, Charleston

Ashley Ryan Neutzling, Cross Lanes

Michael Lee Omecinski, South Charleston

Bobby G. Painter, Charleston

Robert Larry Parrish, Sissonville

Matthew Loring Parsons, Dunbar

Jack L. Pauley, Charleston

Andrew C. Peal, South Charleston

Charles David Perry, Charleston

Brian Keith Phillips, Charleston

Elizabeth V. Pickard, Charleston

Tommy Joe Pickett, Charleston

Brett Lee Reed, Sissonville

Rebecca Susan Reger, South Charleston

Mary Alice Roberts, Nitro

George Kenneth Robertson, South Charleston

Larry Howard Roton, Charleston

Freddie Ray Saunders, Charleston

Gina Lynn Saunders, Charleston

Peter Howard Schleider, Charleston

Sherri Lynn Shafer, St. Albans

Shannon Lynn Shaffer, Charleston

James Michael Sheppard, St. Albans

Alan Patrick Siders, Belle

John Larry Sigmon, Nitro

Jessica Kate Simmons, Charleston

Debbie Sue Skeens, Marmet

Paul Arthur Skyles, Charleston

Mary Nell Smith, Belle

Patrick Ryan Smith, Charleston

Ralph Silas Smith Jr., Charleston

Sharon Marie Spencer, Belle

Rex Gilbert Spurlock Jr., St. Albans

Pedro Antonio Stewart, Charleston

Jessica June Stone, Winifrede

John A. Stone, Winifrede

Diana Rae Stout, Eskdale

Joshua Lacy Stout, Eskdale

Owen Jacob Stout, Charleston

Tiann Marie Stout, Charleston

Jeffrey Wayne Surface, Charleston

Charles Bernard Sweeney, Elkview

Richard Kelly Tennant, Dunbar

Derek Michael Thaxton, Cross Lanes

Bradley Curtis Thomas, Dawes

Eric Christopher Thomas, Belle

Jack Lewis Tignor, Cross Lanes

Jeffrey L. Tignor, Elkview

Jason Eric Turley, St. Albans

William Earnest Vancamp, Cross Lanes

Roberta Gaynelle Vance, Charleston

Marlin Monroe Vandall Jr., South Charleston

Stephen Daniel Walker, Charleston

Craig Alan Welch, Charleston

Matthew Bradley White, Elkview

Nancy G. White, Sissonville

Donald Eric Whiting Jr., Charleston

Jack Walter Whitley, Charleston

Wade Patrick Withrow, Nitro

John Lee Witt, South Charleston

John Lee Witt II, Charleston

Linda Grey Wood, Charleston

Mark Stephen Wood, Charleston

Kristopher Alan Woody, Charleston


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